Cancer, Hope & Life

scare cancer with healthy food

San Ignacio de Loyola University, Art & Design programme has organised an international poster exhibition entitled: “Cancer, Hope And Life” that was held June 19 in Lima, PerĂº.
More than 200 posters were submitted, with 77 posters making it to the final selection. Countries like Iran, Lebanon, South Africa, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and PerĂº have contributed with their work.
San Ignacio de Loyola University, conscious of its social role, managed to create a network of professionals and students of different cultures, to team up and design toward giving hope an life to those who are fighting cancer in their daily lives.
A worldwide touring exhibition is set to follow this year.

As for Lebanon’s involvement, there were seven posters from the Lebanese American University (LAU) that got selected (six were designed by students and one is the work of a professor).

The following are the shortlisted Lebanese contributions along with a sample of good other visuals also submitted from LAU students.

get examined, you won't regret it

cancer isn't an illusion

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