Designers for Palestine Libre

There is a definite need to empower the people by bringing their attention around issues that matters most to them-- usually in relation to their respective belief, community, environment...
One powerful communication tool is definitely the design of poster art supported by simple and bold visuals. Posters are primarily and commonly used to address cultural matters, to generate socio-political awareness and engage with a wide audience.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been waging for ever, involving of course like in any war, an extraordinary propaganda posters that keep on proliferating on both sides to stir sympathy, compassion or simply trigger awareness.

This post features artists' take on the blood-bath that took place in the Gaza strip, where a brutal war started raging around New Year eve [27 Dec. '09].

The selected body of work is political art at its best. There is no harsh political ideology among these artists; in some cases, there is no political analysis, only a representation of the issue itself, as in an unjust war. Some of these works succeed as an effective form of protest, a call to action, or a simple statement. A lot depends on the artists' perspectives and background.
But one thing is sure: they all seem to know exactly how to make an image speak.

For more visual design expressions on the war on Gaza, visit ArabAd blog

Posted by Ghada Azzi