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Hello, Salam to anyone and everyone who has just stumbled across this newly opened space, labeled Design 961.

We are a community-based collective, committed to practicing The Art of Communication and inspiring good design.
At Design 961, we are attached to anything that engages or anyone who addresses political and social issues. The array of our interests is quite broad. Themes ranges from capitalism, industrialisation, consumerism, human rights, political persuasion, architecture & urbanism, corporatism & advertising...
...It is surely about opposing to wars, terrorism, racism, intolerance, discrimination...
We look forward to reflecting about the concepts of democracy, freedom, peace, borders, patriotism etc. and pondering around earth matters & sustainability...

At Design 961, we passionately believe in cultural activism and can't but advocate for the importance of art that engages social concerns; and as such, Design 961 is keen on promoting individuals, events, projects dealing with contemporary politically engaged art.
Am not sure how much artists worldwide, or maybe more specifically in the Arab world, are aware of the power they have to make a difference when they choose to thoughtfully address political and community-based issues either individually or collectively. Design 961 will make politically and socially engaged art practices visible and will initiate projects of such breed.

Anyhow, at Design 961, we hope that by sharing our colourfull bubbles, we will be inspiring our visitors to get into cultural activism & grasp how much social & political engagement are worthwhile the pursuit. Stay Tuned!

Design by Tauba Auerbach

Posted by Ghada Azzi

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